Closely note babies with past histories of in utero exposure to Cozaar for oliguria, hypotension, as well as hyperkalemia (view PRECAUTIONS, Pediatric Use).

Generic Cozaar


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If oligohydramnios is noted, discontinue Cozaar, unless it is taken into consideration life-saving for the mommy.


Bring in 190 mL of the 50/50 Ora-Plus ™/ Ora-Sweet SF ™ blend to the tablet computer and water slurry in the PET container and drink for 1 min to disperse the active ingredients.


When day-to-day (up to 50 mg total) carried out as a tablet or a suspension (see Preparation of Suspension), the usual recommended beginning dose is 0.7 mg/kg.

“It is easily soluble in water, soluble in liquors, and somewhat dissolvable in usual organic solvents, such as acetonitrile and methyl ethyl ketone.”

Heading Level Three

Losartan is an orally active broker that undergoes considerable first-pass metabolic process by cytochrome P450 enzymes.

The negative encounters, no matter medicine relationship, stated with an incidence of ≥ 4 % of patients treated with Cozaar and occurring even more typically than inactive medicine, on a background of traditional antihypertensive therapy, are received the table listed below.

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Cozaar is shown to minimize the threat of movement in individuals with hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy, however there is evidence that this advantage does not put on Black individuals.